I’m Troy. I developed a passion for cooking about five years ago when I started to actually cook my own meals and delve into the science of making something edible. In short, I’m a caffeine loving, BBQ enthusiast with a penchant for MMA, cooking and bad comedy.


Yours truly, salt and pepper haired and all.

In December 2016, my girlfriend’s family gave me their old smoker, an offset vertical Brinkmann trailmaster. They had upgraded long ago to a horizontal offset smoker, one that could fit a whole brisket without being cut and separated. I was and still am grateful for their generosity, because they are the ones responsible for instigating my love for barbecue.

On May 29th, I purchased a Weber Smokey Mountain cooker, and now I’m even more hooked to the ‘Q than ever before.

I started this blog to talk about and post pictures of food, from general cooking to grilling to barbecue. I’ll occasionally write reviews of restaurants, their food and miscellaneous food. Please don’t hesitate to leave comments! If your blog deals with similar things, even better!

Grouchy trolls owe me $10 for every rude, unnecessary comment (I like amazingrib’s philosophy)